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When you sign up with OnCampus Creations, we give you your own personal artwork display to place on your web site, porfolio, MySpace or blog.

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How It Works

For Students

Collegiate artists who register with OnCampus have the opportunity to see their work displayed and sold in a distinctive online gallery. Registered artists can submit an "Artist Bio" with background information on their artwork, school and influences. Artists also receive guidelines for submitting artwork, setting prices and choosing locations to ship their artwork.

For Patrons

Through our donation program, OnCampus customers can support universities, colleges, and schools while building a one-of-a-kind collection of art by up-and-coming student artists. A portion of every sale is donated to the artist’s school in support and appreciation of its art program. In addition to helping the school, OnCampus patrons also help students support themselves.

For Schools

When a student creates an account with OnCampus, he or she must specify the art program or school they are enrolled in. For every piece of art the artist sells, OnCampus will donate a portion of the selling price to his or her college. Every month, OnCampus totals the sales made by all the artists who attend each college or university and donates over a quarter of the commission to their respective schools.