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When you sign up with OnCampus Creations, we give you your own personal artwork display to place on your web site, porfolio, MySpace or blog.

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Support the Arts is dedicated to supporting collegiate artists and art programs nationwide. A portion of each artist’s sale goes to his or her school, in the hope that the successes of today will benefit the students of tomorrow.

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Our Commitment
We make ongoing donations to artists’ schools for every piece of artwork sold.
We provide an opportunity for student artists to showcase and sell their original artwork.
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Students - Display Your Art Online allows you to display and sell art on your terms, providing you with an introduction to the business side of the art world before you’ve even graduated.

Choose the art you wish to display and set your own asking price, then watch collectors come to you. You’ll receive 100% of your asking price, with no charges incurred for packaging or shipping.
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